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I am passionate about helping women, who have 40+ lbs to lose and who are over the age of 40.  Are you one of these women?  These are the women that have struggled for many years, if not decades, with their weight.  These women have spent their time taking care of their families and communities; giving service to those around them on a moments notice.  These women have tried to lose weight; starving themselves and depriving themselves for months only to reach their goal and have it be short lived.  These women are the ones that have gained back all that they have lost....and then some.  These women are the ones that stress eat, emotionally eat, unconscious eat, celebrate eat, heck - and sometimes they eat because they are hungry.   These women are the ones that have the "all or nothing" mentality; meaning it's either starvation or bingeing.....depending on the day.  These women are the first one to volunteer to TAKE the pictures because they FOR SURE don't want to BE IN the pictures.  These women are the ones that are full of shame for the way they have "let themselves go".  These women are usually very successful in a lot of areas, but they seem to be out of control when it comes to eating.  These women have resigned themselves to just being overweight because nothing has worked in the past.   Is this YOU?  If so, I am SO GLAD you found me!  I want to show you what is possible.  I want to teach you how to STOP OVEREATING & LOSE WEIGHT for GOOD!  I'm serious!  I was looking for you because I WAS YOU!  I understand the challenges that you face.  I understand the demands on your time.  I understand how you feel.  But I am here to tell you - this time....THIS TIME YOU WILL SUCCEED!   Why?  Because this time, you are not going to be on a DIET.  They don't work.  Do you know what DOES WORK?  Learning how to manage your brain and take back control of your eating.  I will truly teach you how to STOP OVEREATING & LOSE WEIGHT for GOOD!  Come on!  What do you have to lose?  Click below to sign up for a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION  I will show you what is possible.  LETS DO THIS!   Oh & if by chance, you don't fit ALL the things I mentioned, but you would still like to STOP OVEREATING......Don't worry....I've got you as well.  Click below!

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