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What clients are saying about their experience with Tammy & coaching

“Tammy is one of the most understanding women out there. It is evident she is passionate about helping people, and it shows in every session. She is enthusiastic and always knows how to explain things in the best ways. She can help you do more than just resolve the root of the emotional problems you face- she can help you better understand yourself. She is both professional and a friend, kind and directive, and informative as well as a good listener. If you are looking for a life coach, I 100% recommend Tammy Moon! She is so awesome!”

"Doing life coaching with Tammy opened up so many opportunities for me and my brain! We often limit ourselves by our own beliefs about ourself and circumstances and my sessions with Tammy were a big turning point for me. She listened and helped me get out of this box I was trapped in and more importantly taught me how to get myself out of that box so that I can be my best self and the master of my brain! This has led me to love myself more, to be happier, to have better relationships and to have the courage to fulfill my dreams in life."

"I’m the type of person who thinks I can handle everything myself. And I do a pretty good job of convincing others of that as well. But when something happened that I realized may be too big for me to handle alone I thought it might be helpful to work with a life coach. Tammy helped me so much as I worked through my grief, but also helped me realize I wasn’t doing nearly as good of a job at handling my regular life as I thought I had. She helped me to evaluate my thought processes and gave me some great tools to help deal with life. She has been a great support for me and through what she taught has helped to strengthen me, improve relationships, and deal with some pretty hard things. I believe anyone can benefit from working with a life coach, it doesn’t have to be because of a major life event. We all have room for improvement and good guidance on that journey is key."

"At first I wasn't sure that life coaching would be helpful to me. Everything seemed to be going well in my life and I didn't have any "problems". After hearing so many people rave about it I finally decided to schedule an appointment and I am so thankful that I did. Tammy Moon was able to quickly identify some poor thought processes in my head, helped me recognize the flaw, and gave me tools to change. It was like Tammy was able to pull the curtain back to my brain and really identify how I think and how the thought process was inhibiting my growth. I saw immediate results and I felt less stressed, more confident, and I was able to apply what I learned to multiple aspects of my life. The coaching was something that I didn't think I needed, but it truly is something that I could not have done without."

"For a long time I’ve known that I needed to change the way I think about relationships and different aspects of my life, but I didn’t know how! Tammy has helped me learn to re-wire my brain and to find the courage to push through the hard stuff so that I can find true happiness in my life! It’s not easy, but Tammy is encouraging as she asks the hard questions that I need to face! I will forever be grateful for her and what she’s taught me!"

"Meeting with Tammy seriously changed my year! I’ve never been super good at following up on my personal goals and progress. But after starting to meet with her every week, I’ve been able to look back and see massive change in my life. I feel like I can change unhealthy thoughts patterns that have held me back in the past. I can achieve any goal I want to. And I believe in myself so much more! Meeting with Tammy has truly been healing for me. I recommend her to every one of my friends"

Tammy has taught me lessons that have changed my weight loss journey but most importantly have changed how I feel about myself. She has shown me the path to be in control of my own body and mind. I understand now that I was using food to feel good and happy but her course has taught me that I can feel even better when I am in control and I don't give food the power. I am more confident. I like myself and the world around me more and I know that being the master of my own body is right in line with what God wants for me. After being coached for one month I am down 17 lbs and I have not felt cheated or guilty once! The knowledge she has given me is priceless!

Sessions with Tammy changed the game for me. Before our first session I was worried that I wouldn’t have anything to talk about but its amazing what we came up with in just a few minutes. Not only has she helped me get out of my own head but has helped me realize that I can live the life I want to live in a way that helps me love myself and love others more abundantly and more genuinely. Even just a 20 minute session is enough to tackle something that’s been holding me back or weighing on me for days or even months. Tammy has been absolutely a crucial part in learning to re-route my brain for the better, but has also given me the tools to learn and to apply on my own which is such an important part of this whole journey. I cant recommend her enough!

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